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Reviews from our Customers

One of the ways that you find out about a contractor's work is to talk to their customers. We have a number of reviews of our work from our customers, and most of these are posted various places like Angie's List. We put some of them here on this page. If you have a review, send us one by using our Contact Form

"Andy, both Hanna and I want you to know how much we appreciate the work you and your team did for us. Working with a contractor – especially doing so following a hail storm when insurance adjustors are involved – is intimidating, especially for beginners like us.

You and your team took the time to explain the process to us, and made sure we were kept in-the-loop at every step. From start to finish we found you and your employees to be professional, courteous and knowledgeable. We were confident that the work was being completed with care, and that our best interests were being kept in mind. And because we were working within a tight budget, your commitment to helping us control costs and get the most "bang for your buck" made all the difference. Your pricing was true to your word, and we feel we received great value by working with Integrity.
Already we’ve seen substantial improvement in our heating costs, as the true value of the insulation and windows become apparent. And every day we comment about how much we like the color and style of the siding.

We will definitely contact Integrity as we consider other projects for our home. Your expertise is apparent, and both Hana and I truly appreciate the fact that we found a contractor we can fully trust."

Christopher B.

"Solid, dependable company. Very highly recommended. I own three properties (my home and 2 rental properties). I have been a customer with this company for 8 years — Andy and his crew are on my speed dial. I use them for everything from internal remodeling(kitchen, bathroom, painting, plumbing), to roof work and fence building.

What I especially like:

  • Dependable. Andy always returns my calls and if he does not do the work with his own two hands, he will inspect the work of his team personally — and he will not call the job done until I am satisfied.
  • Prompt. He and his team always meet the deadlines we set.
  • Honest. I never have to worry about him taking advantage of me or quoting me too high a price or taking shortcuts.

If you have any experience searching for independent contractors, you know finding even one of those three qualities can sometimes be a challenge.

I have been calling on Andy and his team time and time again over FOR EIGHT YEARS. I trust this company with all my business. When I need work done, Integrity is always the first call I make."

Troy M.

"I just wanted to write a letter about Integrity Exteriors stating my experience. It has been a joy to work with the fine crew at Integrity. The roofing crew was extremely pleasant, courteous, and did an excellent job on my home. The biggest investment of my life was in the hands of people I did not know a few short months ago, and, now I feel like I made a great choice with Integrity.

After the fact dealing with Andy has also been nice. As the patience he showed while waiting for my Insurance company to pay was more than I would have showed being in a similar position. He also assured me that if we needed him after the fact he was there for me.

Special Thanks go to Matt Kowalski. Matt stuck with me while I struggled with my Insurance Company. I always felt like I had a partner who genuinely cared about my best interests, and, not just making a sale. That is what truly marks a real Pro. We had many phone conversations discussing "Finishing the Fight." We laughed and joked and shared stories as a way of knowing we were in something together. I am hoping he smiled as much as I did. He was a true friend.

Thanks for everything that they all did for my family."

Smith B.

"Very Competitive Prices…. Wonderful Work…. Trustworthy and Very Kind contractor / crews… We will use them again.

They just finished my kitchen remodeling and the roof. I’m not in construction so asking around, this company’s name was heard favorably a few times. Making the call was easy and the person who called me back was very helpful and informative.

To be sure I was seeing good work being done, I had my husband and few knowledgeable friends check the remodeling and roof progress at variable times. Not once did anyone find fault or questionable work… Integrity honestly stood up to their name. The roof was done fast and perfect! Wow!!!

The kitchen was a working change order (because, "I’m a woman and it’s my prerogative"). This is where my husband would have probably left me because I was so scattered… It is my kitchen… my domain after all. Well, Integrity shined here. I know they needed patience with me. They even did a couple extra things I don’t think we paid for.

I was so impressed with how the guys at Integrity hung in with me and gave me wonderful options, high quality work at a great price. I’m tickled with the end result! – REALLY HAPPY*****"

Julie A.

Now we know why this company is called Integrity!

Our experience with Integrity was very positive. The staff and everyone associated with the company were professional and courteous. The property was part of an estate remodel, so we ran into a few unexpected issues, due to the fact the home had been owned by a relative. The owner, Andy, was always available and helpful with any problems throughout the process.

We had an issue with a pocket door that separated the foyer from the mud room. Andy went to the house, personally, and took care of the problem – at no extra cost to us – which says a lot about his "integrity".

We highly recommend Integrity Exteriors and Remodelers and look forward to working with them again on future projects. Thank you to everyone who helped us with this project."

Valerie C.

Integrity replaced our tin roof, put new siding on our house, and replaced a window in our living room. We are very happy with the results. They have made our old house look young again. All the workers were very professional, thorough and detail oriented… in some cases they went the extra-mile…

We are very happy with the workmanship. We did have some issues working with the insurance company which took more time than we would of liked, but once resolved the service was relatively prompt… Most delays were weather related. Thank you Integrity."

Diane C.

"Andy and his team were stellar to work with. They performed a professional, flawless job when they repaired the storm damage my home suffered. Highly recommended!

Elliot T.

"The staff is very knowledgeable on exterior renovations. Not only do they come in on budget and on time but they can save you money on little things that other contractors try to tack on to the job that you don’t need.

They will work with your insurance company and make sure you get what you deserve. Would recommend to anyone looking at exterior renovations!"

Brian H.

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